Hyundai Insurance (China) Co., Ltd. (“HI” as an abbreviation), which is headquartered in Beijing, first came to market in 2007. It has built a strong reputation after more than fourteen-year sustainable practices, assuming risks amounted CNY600 billion since the opening.

HI had increased its registered capital to CNY1.67 billion on March 2020. Legend Holdings Corporation and DiRun (Tianjin) Technology Company are both listed as the company’s second-largest shareholders via acquisition of 32% of the total shares respectively. Since that time, HI had changed from a wholly foreign-owned insurance company to a joint venture company.
We provide comprehensive insurance products, including auto insurance, property insurance, construction insurance, liability insurance, cargo insurance, short-term health insurance, accident insurance, etc. We serve millions of customers domestically and internationally.
We are dedicated to provide our customers with high-quality services through technological empowerment, innovative products, and enhanced user experiences, fueling HI’s growth through collaboration with our customers, partners and employees.

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Focusing on mobility, shaping the Insurtech, build China's prominent innovative insurance company.


Hyundai Insurance (China) Co Ltd. founded

Qingdao Branch opened



Joint venture set up

Five consecutive years of profitability



New era of transformation and development

Guangdong、Hubei、Sichuan Branch opened


Strength shareholders

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A powerful union of Legend Holdings Corporation, Dirun (Tianjin) Technology, and Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance Co.Robust technologies, large customer base, global network

Technology driven

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Prioritized tech funding, InsurTech talent team, potent shareholder support in technologies, data analysis, customer acquisition

Mindset innovation

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In pursuit of the innovation culture, which is compatible with our corporate mission Continuous innovation efforts in product design, pricing, distribution, services, and organizations Deep exploration of innovative products and services in the fields of mobility

User centric

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Persistent emphasis on customer satisfaction Improving the operational efficiency of underwriting, claims management, customer services Personalized products,high-quality services,competitive prices

Opening of HI Sichuan Branch

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On December 29, 2021, HI Sichuan Branch was officially lauched. It is HI's fourth branch office after Qingdao, Guangdong and Hubei. Located at Chengdu, the central city of Southwest China, the Sichuan branch is dedicated to expand its footprint in the promising market. HI's strategic trasnformation will get accelerated with an enlarged business scope.

HI emerged as "Top ten Risk management Insurance Company"

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On Decmber 17, 2021, the first Chinese Insurance Digitalization Summit was held in Chengdu. HI emerged as "Top ten Risk management Insurance Company" out of dozens of competitors. The prize shows HI's excellent risk management solutions and application of digital approaches. HI will continuously promote its sustainable development through preventative risk control mechanisms and efficiency enchancement.

Opening of HI Hubei Branch

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On October 18, 2021, HI Hubei Branch was officially lauched. It is HI's third branch office after Qingdao and Guangdong, the second branch after the setup of the joint venture. The preparations of Hubei branch had last for less than three months since authorization to registration. Established as a regional center, the Hubei branch will integrate itself with local communities and boost the development of Hubei insurance market by fully exploring products and services innovation.

HI was honored as "Top Chinese Insurance Company in 2021"

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On July 8, 2021, the 6th session "Top Chinese Insurance Company Award" was announced by the National Business Daily. In view of its excellent innovative achievements, HI was honored as "2021 Top Chinese Insurance Company - Annual tech innovation list". HI will continuously enhance its technological advances through fully exploring the disruptive innovation opportunities, with an aim to reshape the industry.

Strategic cooperation between HI and Burning Rock

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On May 28, 2021, HI had announced a strategic partnership with Burning Rock, collaborating closely in the areas of health insurance innovation, R&D, marketing, insurance customer services, health management services, etc. The connection of precision medical solutions and insurance services has given into full play of HI and Burning Rock’s advantages. Empowering health helps us make a social impact by improving the health and wellness of our customers and the community.

HI issued Beijing's first digital RMB insurance policy

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On May 17, 2021, HI had issued Beijing’s first digital RMB insurance policy for Ms. Fu. – a “Chengyibao” insurance policy. “Chengyibao” is a million-yuan medical insurance product launched by HI, whose underwriting age limit is raised up to 75 years old. This attempt had given a boost to further cooperation between HI and Lakala. HI endeavors to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges within building an InsurTech ecosystem. Lakala gives help by providing digital payment services.

Opening of HI Guangdong Branch

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On January 28, 2021, HI Guangdong branch was officially launched. It marks the HI’s second branch after Qingdao, and HI’s first branch after the setup of the joint-venture. It is a significant footprint in the company’s national expanding. The Guangdong branch has been authorized for preparations since September, 2020. Within only four months, the preparatory group had accomplished all the work before registration. The opening ceremony took place on January 28, 2021.


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Green and low-carbon development

HI has been making efforts to implement a sustainable development strategy, focusing on technological innovation and efficient use of resources, contributing to effectively control greenhouse gas emissions. HI had released a guideline for customers to apply for insurance and claims online. Meanwhile, we actively work on developing innovative insurance products related to new energy vehicles.

Care for underserved groups

Staying true to our original aspirations, HI hold our mission firmly in mind, with a keen emphasis on charity and public welfare. We support initiatives that help underserved people get the care and resources they need for everyday living. On July 9, 2021, HI had donated urgent supplies to Beijing Children's Home. Their president expressed sincere gratitude by presenting a thank you banner.

Consumer protection

Consumer protection is our highest priority. We are committed to provide consumers with up-to-date information and resources to protect and manage their finances, and help them understand and comply with rules. Adhering to our user-centric philosophy, we are striving to continuously improve our customer experiences on a company-wide level.

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